Day Job

Chartered Financial Planner & Shareholder/Director at Xentum

Other Business Interests

Founded Nextgen Planners , a training and development company for the next generation of financial planners.  Also podcast host at NextGenPod.

Why do I work with younger entrepreneurs?

I lost my father when he was 53 and he was very much an entrepreneurial spirit.  His busy mind and trusting the wrong financial advisers when he was younger lost a considerable amount of money to his estate and I have been on a mission ever since to put this right for younger entrepreneurs who deserve to work hard and make their money and finances work harder.  I also like working with people around my age (33) who have good ideas and need help with making sense of where they are financially and where they are going.  Like me, family is important to many of the people I work with and I help them translate business success into personal success.

What is my vision and what do I hope to achieve through my work?

My vision is to work collaboratively with awesome people doing awesome things.  I believe that you have one chance in life and I like working with people who trust me to help them make better financial decisions and want someone that can be a part of their financial journey looking after their best interests at all times.  When done right, it is a partnership that is a force to be reckoned with. 

I have been featured in The Guardian, Telegraph, New Model Adviser, FT and few other non mainstream publications talking about money and business owners.