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Investing for your children

If you have read my blog for long enough now, you will know that I like to start off with a story.

When I was 16, my father gave me £2,000 to invest.  The money was really his but it was up to me to find the stocks to invest in.  

So off I went, into the back of the Daily Mail (don’t judge me).  Towards the back of the Daily Mail in the Business section, are a number of different share prices and companies with some brief performance figures.  I had made my mind up

Dear Challenger Banks

I love what you are doing.  I see a revolution emerging at the moment that puts financial control and transparency back in the consumers hands.  I love the innovation, the interfaces and the technology that you have built and I really like the ease of use which has left me scratching my head why it has taken so long to get to this point.

I do however have some headlines that I think you should pay notice to

Advice - How to plan your income

I will let you into a secret. Money is designed to make you fail. Very clever people realised many moons ago that people don’t like to deal with their money and personal finances.  

The banks realised that if they sold you a really attractive 0% credit card, the chances are that you are not going to pay off the balance and get charged a fairly high rate of interest when the “teaser rate” ends.  Teaser rates are by nature meant to tease you in and then a game begins.  They are basically backing themselves that they will beat you, mainly due to people’s inertia or lack of control over money.

I have had quite a few meetings recently with people looking to sell their business.  It is the dream isn’t it - sell your business for millions and gain financial freedom overnight.  Having been through this with quite a few clients over the years I thought it might be quite valuable to actually raise some questions that a business owner needs to think about when going through the process: