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Investing for your children

If you have read my blog for long enough now, you will know that I like to start off with a story.

When I was 16, my father gave me £2,000 to invest.  The money was really his but it was up to me to find the stocks to invest in.  

So off I went, into the back of the Daily Mail (don’t judge me).  Towards the back of the Daily Mail in the Business section, are a number of different share prices and companies with some brief performance figures.  I had made my mind up

Blog - Fees and Conflicts in Financial Advice

Everywhere I look, I see ways to save money.  I see utility companies falling over themselves to get my business.  Only this week I switched from Sky to BT and pocketed £130 through a cashback site.  You cannot breathe in the modern world without some kind of sale getting you to part with you hard earned cash.

Where I don’t see it yet is personal finance and although the profession is getting better at being transparent, it isn’t being discussed enough.  People generally don’t know what is a good deal and bad deal in personal finance, especially business owners who frankly have better things to do.  I am therefore writing this blog slightly out of frustration as every client I come across these days seems to have been flogged a bad deal at some point and hopefully this improves awareness.