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The idea of Low Cost / High Return

I often get asked:

“How much return do you think you can get me Adam?”

I will tell you my answer - I don’t bloody know :).  No one can predict the markets, if they tell you they can, I would run a mile.  All I can do is look back at what has happened previously and I can advise on what I think gives you the best chance of making a decent return - Hint, it is usually just buying a cheap global index tracker.

Blog - My thoughts on Monzo - a new kind of Bank (well sort of)

First off - this is not a plug. I have been using Monzo for a few months now and wanted to give my thoughts on how my family has used it.  I have not been paid to write this article and Monzo if you reading this, you know my card details :)

I actually managed to get hold of one of the first Mondo Beta Cards.  Yes it was called Mondo before they decided to rebrand with a new name with something that made me immediately think of Sesame Street (I love Sesame Street).