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Why are You Doing This?

Whenever I meet a new business owner I always ask them about how they started their business.

It usually goes something along the lines of:

“I just had an idea that I thought would help people” or “I wanted control over my week” or my favourite “I wanted to change the world”.  

Everybody’s story is different and is always fascinates me to question why someone started a business as it gives me an insight into their mindset.

The idea of Low Cost / High Return

I often get asked:

“How much return do you think you can get me Adam?”

I will tell you my answer - I don’t bloody know :).  No one can predict the markets, if they tell you they can, I would run a mile.  All I can do is look back at what has happened previously and I can advise on what I think gives you the best chance of making a decent return - Hint, it is usually just buying a cheap global index tracker.

Blog - A simple trick I used to improve my work/life balance

I have a confession. At the start of the year, I got my work/life balance way off.

I had just had a knee operation, and setup another company (training younger planners) all at the same time as advising at Xentum and also being a Director on the Board.  Things were busy but in all honesty, I was loving it.  I loved my job and I was starting to really see some progression in my career and for the first time in a long time, I was really passionate about the future of the financial planning.