NextGen Planners


In early 2016, I co founded NextGen Planners with another younger financial adviser.  

We believed that there was a lack of real training and support for the next generation of financial advisers.  We first started running events and a Facebook Group and it grew from there..

Within a year we have achieved a lot with NextGen Planners.  We have trained over 100 promising younger financial planners, have over a 100 premium members and we have hosted over 30 podcasts (with over 30,000 downloads).  We continue to come to the financial planning market with fresh ideas and innovation.

We will hold our first NextGen Planners conference in November 2017 with over 150 financial planners from all over the country.  We continue to grow but our ethos of "giving back" and "always learning" will always be at the centre of our work.